“For Adeline” is brilliant.

The album is brimming with diversity. No two songs are anything alike, yet they all tie together to make an artful, moving whole. Adrianne brings life and emotion to each song with her smoky voice.

Starting off with “Adeline,” Adrianne makes it clear that this album is not a joke. The lyrics are carefully crafted and delivered with emotion, but not oversold. The instrumentals are original and complex.

One of the more contrasting songs of the album is “Destiny,” which sees a strong mournful tone fade into a soft ending. Throughout every song Adrianne uses her gorgeous voice in a different way, always stunning and never missing a beat.

Appropriately, the album comes to a strong finish with “Say Em Strong.” The journey of emotional turmoil comes to an end with these words.

Never throughout this album does a single point of quality waver. Instrumentals remain understated yet cleverly arranged. Her voice maintains a certain vulnerability even through the loudest belt, and similarly holds a hidden strength throughout the softest verses.

You really have to listen to “For Adeline” as an album. Each individual song is certainly wonderful, but you can’t get the full experience without listening to it straight through. It’s an emotional journey you can’t miss out on.

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